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Bath Spaces Windowless Bathroom

Transform Your Windowless Bathroom Into an Airy Retreat With These Design Tips

June 15, 2023 at 4:29 PM PST
Bath Spaces Windowless Bathroom

Transform Your Windowless Bathroom Into an Airy Retreat With These Design Tips

June 15, 2023 at 4:29 PM PST

Bathrooms are a great space for self-care, relaxation, and serenity. But what do you do if your bathroom has no windows? Windows bring natural light into bathrooms, creating a bright and airy feel. Fortunately, a windowless bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a dark and cramped space. There are intentional decor choices that will make your windowless bathroom feel airy, bright, and like a self-care haven.

Here’s how you can transform your windowless bathroom into an airy oasis:

Opt for Light Colors

Select a light color palette for your bathroom walls, floors, and fixtures. Light colors such as soft neutrals, whites, creams, and pastels reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Avoid using dark or bold colors in a windowless bathroom. This can make your space feel smaller and gloomy.

white bathroom
Photo Credit: Sanibell BV

Use Mirrors To Reflect Light

Strategically place a large mirror on the wall to reflect light and make your windowless bathroom appear larger. A mirrored medicine cabinet or vanity is great for maximizing a reflective effect.

Install Lighting Fixtures

Your windowless bathroom won’t have natural light, so it’s important to focus on maximizing artificial lighting. You can do so by installing overhead light fixtures like recessed lights, pendant lights, or ceiling lights. LED lights are great because they have a cool, white tone that mimics natural daylight.

Clear Glass Showers

Choose clear glass shower enclosures or partitions to help light flow freely through your bathroom. If you want more privacy, select a frosted or etched glass shower.

glass shower
Photo Credit: Point3d Commercial Imaging Ltd.

Install Reflective Surfaces

Use reflective surfaces in your windowless bathroom to bounce light around the space. Select surfaces like glossy tiles for the walls and flooring and shiny metal surfaces like faucets, hardware, and accessories.

Bright White Fixtures

Install bright white or light bathroom fixtures to make your windowless bathroom appear more spacious. Your toilet, sink, and bathtub will reflect light and make your bathroom feel more airy if they are bright white or light. Avoid installing bathroom fixtures with patterns or in dark colors.

Open Shelving

Skip bulky bathroom cabinets and opt for open shelving to store your bathroom essentials. Open shelving is great because it allows light to pass through and keeps your bathroom feeling airy. Make sure to keep your open shelving clutter-free for a visually appealing look.

open shelving bathroom
Photo Credit: Point3d Commercial Imaging Ltd.

Pops of Green

Add plants to your windowless bathroom to add a pop of color and freshness. Select low-light plants like the ethos and snake plants. These are great for thriving in artificial light environments. Place these plants on countertops, shelves, or in hanging planters to add a natural element.



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