The Best Bidet Converter Kit To Make Your Bathroom Bougie
Bath The Best Bidet Converter Kits To Make Your Bathroom Bougie

The Best Bidet Converter Kit To Make Your Bathroom Bougie

It's like a mini-shower for your bum.

July 21, 2023 at 7:31 AM PST

Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom bougie and luxurious? Look no further, as bidets lend themselves to an opulent aesthetic that’s surely going to make you feel expensive. But you don’t have to break the bank, as a bidet converter kit may do the trick in adding a little style to your “bum” care.

Providing superior cleanliness and proper hygiene (as opposed to using traditional toilet paper), bidets use fresh water to cleanse and refresh, which helps to effectively remove any residue or sweat after a long day. Bidets are especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or others who are prone to irritation. By offering environmentally friendly options, bidets help to significantly reduce the consumption of toilet paper by eliminating waste and saving trees. They’re a great option for plumbing system maintenance and are also more cost effective alternative as they eliminate the need for purchasing toilet paper on a regular basis. By promoting personal comfort, bidets offer a wide range of specifications such as adjustable water temperature, pressure, and even additional features such as heated seats and air drying options.

I mean, with all these options who wouldn’t want a bidet in their bathroom?

How To Add A Bidet Converter Kit To Your Toilet

Turning a toilet into a bidet does not always require a plumber, as there are so many ways this handy tool can be installed by a do it “yourselfer.” Opting into easy assembly bidets is the best option that’s quick and extremely cost efficient. All you need is a screwdriver and about ten minutes of your time.

There are plenty of bidet kits that make for a great DIY project. They include everything you need from the actual bidet spray head, the faucet, and the connectors. Incorporating a bidet is extremely worth it as it’s environmental impact is bigger than you’d expect. By fully eliminating the cost of toilet paper rolls, this easy to use tool can really help you save money.

Whether it’s providing a cost-friendly alternative to maintaining personal hygiene, or offering convenient and efficient ways for those with limited mobility, bidets have gained notoriety lately within luxury bathrooms, making this hygienic commodity a great addition to any space.

Ahead, are all of the best bidets on the market to bring a bit of opulence to the comfort of your bathroom.

The Best Bidet Converter Kits To Add To Your Bathroom

Warm Water Bidet


Made to comfortably clean your bum, Tushy’s warm water bidet has an adjustable water attachment to suit your individual preferences.

Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer


This sleek and efficient bidet attachment is the perfect solution for those times you run out of toilet paper. Ensuring quality that lasts for a lifetime, the metal bidet sprayer easily attaches to your toilet without any damage or hassle.

Handheld Bidet


This super to use non electric bidet sprayer is perfect for mobility and adds a touch of bougie to your bathroom perfectly.

Whisper Bidet


Serving as a tiny shower, but for your butt, this super easy to use toilet attachment is sleek, simple and attaches to your toilet in minutes.

Assmitty Bidet


Looking to upgrade your bathroom’s ambience in seconds? The Assemitty Bidet is the perfect option as it’s easy to assemble and looks super great on” the loo.”




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