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How to Create Your Own Stylish DIY Breakfast Nook like René Daniella

October 3, 2023 at 3:06 PM PST

Content creator René Daniella knew she always wanted a breakfast nook in her home. After sharing this with her interior designer at the time, her designer put the nook of her dreams in a mood board. “I already had a dining table with six chairs, and it just sat in the middle of my dining area, but I always held on to this idea of the dining nook,” Daniella shares in the latest episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two. Daniella was able to bring her dream to life after a visit from her mom. “Let’s just make one,” is what Daniella’s mom suggested, and they did just that.

René Daniella, House Tours breakfast nook
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

“My mom, being the absolute wonder woman that she is, went on YouTube, found some tutorials on bench building, and she pulled this out of thin air,” Daniella shares. “It is just, to me, the most beautiful element in this dining space and something that I am going to cherish for absolute years.”

The results are a stunningly plush velvet bench and a beautiful blush hue backrest. Positioned against a window, this breakfast nook is flooded with natural light. Rattan chairs, a wooden table, and two light blush throw pillows complete the nook. Two vibrantly painted pieces of art celebrating the female form adorn the nook’s walls, bringing all of the colors and textures together.

René Daniella Breakfast Nook, House Tours
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Daniella’s DIY breakfast nook is a testament to the magic that can happen when you tap into your creativity. It’s the perfect inspiration for homeowners who want to incorporate a cozy and stylish breakfast nook. Here’s how to create a beautiful breakfast nook like René Daniella’s.

Seek Inspiration

Whether it’s from YouTube tutorials, like Daniella’s mom did, or from Pinterest and Instagram, you should start by seeking inspiration. Collect ideas that resonate with your design style and start visualizing what you want your nook to look like.

Decide the Location

The ideal location for a breakfast nook is in the corner of your kitchen or dining area, which receives ample natural light. Consider your available space and envision how your nook will fit in.

René Daniella breakfast nook
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Choose Comfortable Seating

Opt for a bench or built-in seating to maximize space. Add cushions or pillows for ultimate comfort. Daniella’s cozy and plush cushions make her nook a welcoming space, ideal for lingering over a meal with loved ones.

Use a Practical Table

Pick a table that fits well with your seating. Your table should be the right height and size. Consider a round or oval table, as they usually fit better in small spaces.

Add Your Personal Style

Personalize your nook with elements that reflect your personality and style. Think of adding art and decorative items that represent your tastes.

René Daniella, House Tours
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi


A well-lit nook makes your space feel inviting. Choose a chic light fixture that complements your design and ensures adequate illumination for your area. Proper lighting makes your nook comfortable for morning coffee and evening reads.

Storage Solutions

Incorporate storage solutions like drawers or baskets beneath the seating to maximize utility and minimize clutter. This trick will make your breakfast nook as functional as it is beautiful.

Add Plants or Flowers

Introduce greenery or fresh flowers to bring life and vibrancy to your breakfast nook. This enhances its appeal and creates a refreshing ambiance.

Check out Daniella’s Los Angeles abode in the latest episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two.


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