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Bath Shower Ideas

The Coolest Bathroom Shower Ideas for the Ultimate Shower Experience

May 23, 2023 at 10:15 PM PST
Bath Shower Ideas

The Coolest Bathroom Shower Ideas for the Ultimate Shower Experience

May 23, 2023 at 10:15 PM PST

Millennial homeowners are really turning up home design inspirational ideas with their new visions for the home bathroom. While homeowners can appreciate the classic look of a standard bathroom, the coolest bathroom shower ideas are showing up all over social media. The Instagram account @Bathrooms_of_Insta has a remarkable 1 million followers, and it’s steadily growing.

Your bathroom, similar to other rooms in your home, is a space that you spend a considerable amount of time in. The bathroom is often one of the few rooms in your home where you can practice a tremendous amount of self-care. Designers and home influencers are pushing the limits on how people view bathrooms, and it’s exciting to watch.

What Makes for the Coolest Bathroom Shower Ideas?

A number of things can make for a cool bathroom shower. Color, texture, space, and fixtures add to the recipe for cool when it comes to the bathroom. Unlike the days of yesteryear, homes are not as big as before, therefore some homes may not have both a tub and a shower. Many homes only have a standing shower, but that shouldn’t mean your bathroom should be less swoon-worthy.

“The shower fits in perfectly with the hectic pace of this contemporary millennium as it allows you to wash in a few minutes, recovering precious and essential time,” said Salvatori, an Italian design company that specializes in natural stone.

Functionality is a big element in obtaining a cool, bathroom shower that is long-lasting. Sure, everyone loves looking at a beautifully, curated still image or video on social media, but if your bathroom shower isn’t practical in use, is it really cool?

“These simple but fundamental characteristics make a bathroom with a shower the most popular choice. The myriad of materials available on the market allows, through careful selection, the creation of an environment that combines functionality and elegance together: a modern bathroom with a shower of pure design,” Salvatori confirmed.

Step Into the Future With This Bathroom Shower


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One of the coolest bathroom showers on the market meshes hi-tech with interior design. Hi-tech showers usually have Bluetooth capabilities and smart home features. You can adjust your shower temperature and even turn your shower on and off with your voice with some of them. Being able to control your shower is definitely cool and a great way to multitask, too.

Turn Your Bathroom Into an Aqua Dream

Some people dream of their bathrooms looking like a world where mermaids dwell. The waterfall bathroom aesthetic is popular with people who enjoy bringing the spa experience to their homes. With a waterfall shower experience, it’s best to have a walk-in shower to allow the water to drain to the floor. However, you have to ensure your floors are flat to execute this bathroom style. The waterfall shower is great for people with plants, too. Orchids and some succulents will enjoy the moisture from the shower.

Bring Luxury to Your Bathroom

Nothing says cool, like a bathroom shower that feels lavish. The bathroom showers you can use are almost limitless, but gold and bronze finishes tend to be the most popular. Luxury bathroom showers with extended arms seem to be a preferred choice as well. Being able to adjust a shower head to your height is always luxurious and forever cool.

Even though we enjoy a cool bathroom shower, it’s important to think of your bathroom as an entire unit and not in individual pieces. You don’t want to quickly dive into a trend just because it looks good, either. You need to be able to live with your design choices and enjoy them to the fullest.

Salvatori adds, “To sum up, if the goal is to create a modern bathroom, the choice of shower is an important step that must be well-researched and analyzed. When designing it, it is always important to keep the concepts of functionality and simplicity at the forefront of your mind: a clean style and decor tailored to your needs will transform your bathroom and shower ideas into the perfect place to let go of all your stress.”



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